I am Giulietta. If you’re going to talk about me, test me.

30 Jan

This is the exiting new proposition taken from Alfa Romeo’s latest campaign. This Pan-European campaign challenges people’s perception of Alfa Romeo and invites them to try the car for themselves.

Alfa Romeo makes beautiful cars but they are not all about style. They come with award winning MultiAir engines, revolutionary new technologies such as ALFA TCT and D.N.A., 3 years warranty and servicing and great finance packages. The Alfa Giulietta is also the safest car in its class with a prestigious 5 star Euro NCAP rating.

The campaign is based on complete confidence and has a very clear and direct call to action – Test Me.

Doner worked with Alfa Romeo UK to adapt the Italian created TV ad and make it relevant to the UK market. If you haven’t already seen the ad, here it is…

A press campaign is also running alongside the TV with the main focus being on 0% APR and 3 years complimentary servicing. This promotes the current range (MiTo and Giulietta) and also highlights the unique Alfa D.N.A. technology and the revolutionary MultiAir engines.


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