The creative process

26 Mar

I read this article in the calm few minutes before my daughter woke up this morning and we had the mad rush to get ready and out the door in time for nursery and work. It really made me think, so I wanted to share it with you…

It’s basically all about how, with the advancement of technology, creative’s time and thought processes are being squeezed to an inch of their lives.

I’m guilty on more than one occasion of discussing a project with creative to get their input into how long is needed, and then bartering the time down with them as much as possible to fit in with the client’s timescales. In my heart of hearts, I know it’s not the right way to work.

One paragraph in particular hit home:

Have you ever tried to have an idea. Any idea at all, with a gun to your head? This is the daily reality for the creative drone. And when he’s done, sometime in the wee small hours, he then has to face his two harshest critics. Himself, and everyone else. “Ah. Sorry. Client couldn’t make the meeting. I faxed your layouts to him at his squash club. He quite liked the green one. Apart from the typeface, the words, the picture and the idea. Oh, and could the logo be bigger? Hope it wasn’t a late night. Thank god for computers eh? Rightho! I’m off to lunch.”

I hope I’ve never belittled the work of our creatives in this way, and if I have, I apologise now!

I for one am going to try to make sure we have enough time for concepting and creative development. Best laid plans?

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