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I like this idea – I’m not too sure that Fuller’s could embrace it though!

10 May

If my dog ever discovered this poster site our walks together would become somewhat predictable


Nice Infographic on Social interaction

20 Jul

Now I’m no copywriter, but!!

6 May

Tell me how many other ways there are to get your eyes examined.  I can’t imagine too many people are happy to drop their eyes off and call back in a couple of hours!

However, it might be worth a try next time you are on Tottenham Court Road.

PC or Mac? FIGHT!

27 Apr

As an agency we have evangelists of both codes.  But there is a wealth of data here about the personal habits/views/aspirations of 400,000 PC users and Mac users.

So which one are you?

Harley or Vespa?

Tuna Fish or Hummus?

Personally I think the Harry Hill approach would be just as interesting!

The background to this survey of 400,000 can be read here


27 Apr

The Sound of Bromley!

Whilst for many the Malcolm McLaren and Vivienne Westwood manufactured image of the Sex Pistols was the birth of Punk, instead for me, Bromley was the birthplace of Punk and in particular two female artists who really captured the attitude, image and, most importantly, the sound of Punk music of the mid 1970’s.  These two were Siouxsie Sioux and Poly Styrene; the two singles, Hong Kong Gardens and Germ Free Adolescence really made me sit up and take notice (well John Peel did the hard bit for me by playing the tracks – all I had to do was religiously listen to his show at 10pm each night).  Thankfully, TOTP was in existence and I was able to enjoy listening and watching performances from Siouxsie and the Banshees and X-Ray Specs.

Sadly, the death of Poly Styrene was announced yesterday, but thanks to modern day inventions like the internet and You Tube we are still able to enjoy their first performances.  It may not appeal to you, but hopefully you will accept that the sound was unique and without doubt fresher than much of the music that has followed over the past 35 years!

Modern Art?

27 Apr

I dutifully stood in line to take this photo – a simple statement that made me smile.

I assume it’s a Banksy (if it isn’t it’s a nice piece of imitation) and it’s close to our office.  I will see how long it stays in place, but if it was on the side of our office I would insist on it being protected from the elements.

Please don’t look if you are squeamish

14 Apr

A perfect storm in terms of a client led piece of direct marketing, combining Recruitment Consultants, Easter, The Royal Wedding and a change of address.  This was received in the post today,  to paraphrase a Stewart Francis joke about farting in a lift “it is wrong on so many levels!”

However, that being said it has prompted me to blog about it.

So there is a mug going if anyone is interested, but as the reverse has my name on it – possible recipients of a unique Easter gift are therefore somewhat limited(sorry the egg has been eaten).

Could it be true!

1 Apr

Well since David started the April Fool theme – is it real or fake?

Design that lifts the heart

17 Feb

This shows how a simple idea can lift any landscape that otherwise would be blighted!

Shockingly it didn’t get selected by Iceland (probably something to do with their finances!).

More images can be viewed here

To all you iPhone 4 users

20 Jul

It appears there is a simple solution to your problem at 1’17” (although I did think it was the left hand that caused the problems)


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