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Top 10 most controversial ads

12 May

In 2010 the ASA received over 25,000 complaints about advertisements. This resulted in 2,226 ads being changed or withdrawn.

Here’s a list of the top ten most controversial/complained about ads of 2010.

How can online commerce succeed without tracking and cookies?

10 May

One digital start-up company is developing innovative ways to do business without violating users’ privacy and tracking their every move.

A commercial in a day – for 365 days

15 Apr

To highlight the breadth of their products, new lines, and quirky extras, IKEA has created a brand new commercial every day for an entire year.

Created in the stores each day, the commercials are filmed creatively, but incredibly quickly. Once recorded, they are placed on the IKEA site.

This is obviously time consuming and probably expensive too, but it’s also a cracking idea. If your company can offer something new every day, what better way to show it?

Proof that a good idea does reap results, the campaign has seen Top of mind awareness rise by 6% points and a 4% increase in consumers this year too. Not bad, when the furniture market has shrunk by 4% in the last year.

Watch the case study.

New rules on cookies

30 Mar

From 25th May the European e-Privacy Directive is due to be implemented in the UK. This will change the laws relating to the use of online cookies. According to sources including the BBC, the Directive will state that cookies, or similar tracking files must not be used unless “explicit consent” is gained from web users.

The exception to this rule will be cookies that are “strictly necessary” for the provision of a service, such as remembering what a customer has placed in their basket on an e-commerce site.

The law will mean however, that consent must be gained for all other cookies, including those used for web analytics, personalization or non-essential purposes such as advertisement tracking.

While the exact requirements for the law are still being drawn up by the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS), marketers, especially digital ones like us, will need to start considering how we might encourage web users to opt-in, and how the new laws will affect our output.

BOA snowman

2 Dec

Kerry’s Lands End to John O Groats cycle ride – update 1

17 Sep

The first 6 days in numbers

Miles cycled: 372.45
Calories burned: 12,959
Hours in the saddle: 31 hr 07 mins
Punctures: 3
Strops thrown: 2
Number of insects accidentally consumed: 2
Number of times I’ve fallen off: 2
Number of times I’ve fallen off into nettles: 1
Confectionary consumed: 1 tonne
Number of days I wish I had a towel: 6
Number of ibruprofen gel tubes used: 1
Number of times I’ve been sniggered at in my Lycra get-up: too many to count!

Wolfram Alpha – computational knowledge engine

23 Jul

Wolfram Alpha is a new type of web search, described as the “computational knowledge engine”. It gives you access to the world’s facts, without going through a search engine.

Whereas Google searches the web and returns links that match the search, Wolfram Alpha generates output by doing computations from its own internal knowledge base.

The real innovation is its ability to work things out “on the fly”, according to its British inventor, Dr Stephen Wolfram. If you ask it to compare the height of Mount Everest to the length of the Golden Gate Bridge, it will. Or ask what the weather was like in London on the day John F Kennedy was assassinated, it will cross-check and provide the answer. Ask it about D sharp major, it will play the scale. If you want to know the exact current location of the International Space Station, it’ll tell you that too.

You can get an idea of what it covers by looking at the examples


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