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PlayStation – 4ThePlayers since 1995

24 Oct

This is a must watch, especially those who’s ever gamed / owned a Playstation.

Sony have outdone themself with a brand video for Sony’s Playstation consoles, taking the viewer through a seamless edit of all four generations. From 1995 to the present.

The attention to detail is crazy, from the London landscape, all the pop culture references and even the domino pizza box’s!

Oh the memories!

Mayfest – theatre at its best

1 May


Every year, Bristol is the host of Mayfest, a festival of contemporary theatre running throughout the month in lots of different venues.

Over the past few years, I’ve been lucky enough to experience just a few amazing productions that I’d normally not think about going to, and I’d encourage everyone to take a look and make a trip to Bristol. Even if theatre isn’t normally your thing, you’ll find something that makes you laugh, cry or think about things differently.

This year, I’m trying to convince my husband to go to The Great Spavaldos. He’s reluctant – an audience of two means there’s nowhere to hide! But I know I’ll talk him into it, and I know he’ll end up loving it.

Have a look at the programme and pick one. You won’t be disappointed!

The Zero F**ks Given RX7

7 Mar

So I came across this awesome video the other day that features a tuned up old Mazda RX7. Now these cars are amazing, the third generations especially so, and are a great enthusiast tuning car. This one however looks a little different to the totally modified rides you may see in the Fast & the Furious.

Check out the video below to see what a 19-year-old with pure passion ( and a great sense of cool) can do with an old rusted out RX7, a few years of pocket-money and a no rules attitude. He may have watched Mad Max a few to many times though.

OH MAH GAWD – Tetris Shelves

25 Jan

Someone by the name of Hicks Custom Furniture, with mader skillz than Jake the Dog has made these truly awesome Tetris Shelves! You can pick them up individually or treat yourself to the whole set for just £180!? You can even request your own colour scheme!

I’m seriously tempted to add them to my bat cave…

Tetris Shelves

Sweet baby jesus.

Top 25 Music Videos of 2012

17 Jan

Ok so that title is a little set in stone, let’s say ‘my’ top 25 music videos of 2012, and also let’s add a caveat that states ‘music videos that I’ve seen’ as there are bound to be countless amazing video’s out there that don’t get the publicity they deserve and I just haven’t stumbled on, or are by artists I’ve yet to discover.

I’ve tried to remember as many greats as I can, some for their aesthetics, some for their moving visuals/story, and others just for the balls out creative fun times. So without further ado, I present: My top 25 music videos of 2012 that I’ve seen so far. Catchy.

Read and watch on here or jump over to Youtube where I’ve created a playlist:

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Viral done well…

11 Sep

In my opinion Viral campaigns should be creative, inspirational and just plain stupid. Plus they should always incorporate some kind of extreme sport, or even made up sports. Oh and some subtle product placement.

Meet Devin Graham (devinsupertramp). This guy uploads a new video every Tuesday, and each one is awesome! You may have seen the Worlds largest rope swing, that was this guy. He’s also done videos such as Trike Drifting, Water Jet Pack, Worlds Widest Slip n Slide, Salt Boarding plus many more.

Here’s a video of his best bits:

But my personal favourite is the Human Slingshot Slip and Slide. Devin and a group of his hispter friends set up a huge slip and slide, a ramp, and rubber dingy on a bungee cord. Anyone else want a go?


You want to go to work via a Train? Train say no.

5 Sep


Red Bull Mini Drome

13 Aug

So the London Olympics are over and didn’t we do well! Especially in the velodrome!

Red Bull have grasped some sporting action once again (like they do with every sport), this time in the form of a Mini Velodrome! Check it out below:

P.S Can we set one up in the car park please?

Could you be a medallist?

13 Aug

Retro Olympics

With all the hype and success we had over the London 2012 Olympics people may now be inspired to get into sports or generally lead a more energetic and healthy life. So if you think  if you’re thinking of going for gold in Rio 2016 you may want to test yourself against the best in this nice little retro game, just enter some details to see how you get on. (not sure how accurate it really is) but it could lead to a little it of inspiration, motivation or just a bit of fun. I’m considering it a new hobby at least.

Give it a go >>

Social Psychology

12 Jul

I love the increasing number of ‘vending’ campaigns which are going on.  I like the creativity they bring, and with each example, there’s more innovation.

In this example from down under, I like the whole concept of seeing just how far people will go for a product.  It’s surely an extension  of the whole social gaming concept, or as Mindspace would call it, gamification.

To me, it’s a short step from the Milgram Experiment.




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