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Doubling conversion rates and revenue for Jurys Inn

17 May

In 2010 Jurys Inn asked Doner to support their digital direct marketing. Their current eDM programme was failing to achieve the open rates or the level of conversion they needed, while the brand required more stand out in what is an increasingly competitive market. In the tough economic climate, we were tasked to improve their results, to make their creative work harder, and more importantly, to drive an increase in revenue.

We developed a full eDM program covering data management, creative and production. The project kicked off with a new database and a full content plan based on fortnightly deployments. This was followed by a redesign of their existing email templates.

Drawing on over a decade of experience, we were able to ensure each design was not only cohesive with the Jurys Inn website and Facebook page, but also optimised to dramatically improve delivery and clickthru rates. Finally, we utilised our own, bespoke in-house production system with full end-to-end testing to ensure emails were delivered across all email hosts without being spammed.

The main aim of the eCRM campaign was to deliver against the brand proposition: exceptional value, exceptional hotels. This was realised by the creation of fortnightly deployments that alternated between a monthly newsletter offering hotel insights and local recommendations; and monthly tactical emails with various offers to galvanise the value message.

On average, over the first eight deployments, Jurys Inn received an impressive 2.5-fold increase in revenue. Delivery rates have increased to 99.9% and the conversion rate has more than doubled.

In order to continue building on this success, we are improving targeting through post-deployment campaign reporting and adopting a test and learn strategy, which includes testing creative, copy length, time of deployment, day of deployment and subject lines. In addition, we are looking to drive database growth using ‘recommend a friend’ campaigns, Facebook advertising and competitions, as well as looking to re-engage lapsed customers using discount codes.


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