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Saint Agur Christmas campaign

12 Jul

Our new Christmas campaign for Saint Agur is now live.

The campaign includes an advertorial in The BBC Good Food Guide and back page adverts in Good Food and Delicious (a nice bit of media planning and buying from Paul and Ceri, which look great) as well as broadsheet Sunday supplements.

We’re sponsoring goodfood.com recipe pages and their eNewsletter.  We’re also running a competition to win a hamper of goodies – sorry, you know the rules, Doner’ers can’t enter…

The campaign targets Stilton eaters and aims to convince them to try a new blue this Christmas.  So, when you’re shopping for your cheese board over the festive period, stick a wedge of Saint Agur in your trolley… so to speak.

Doner pick up £1m creative and media business for Saint Agur cheese

12 Jul

Doner has been appointed by ULN UK to work on its Saint Agur cheese brand. The agency will provide creative and media support for the brand and has been briefed to develop a Christmas advertising campaign.

ULN UK, who previously worked with Publicis, is the French cheese giant, Bongrain’s, British subsidiary. Set up in 1985 its presence has grown rapidly and ULN is now one of the top continental cheese suppliers in the UK.

ULN UK owns four core brands that have a strong retail presence in the continental cheese market: Saint Agur, Cœur de Lion, Le Rustique and Caprice des Dieux.

Doner will manage communications for the Saint Agur range, including the traditional wedge format, Saint Agur Crème and Saint Agur Délice.

Doner has initially been tasked with developing a Christmas campaign to target current blue cheese eaters to switch to Saint Agur.

Work for 2012 will focus on increasing penetration and driving frequency of the brand.


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